Gathering info for the interview

I was gathering more things to bring for the interview. One of the things is the text messages on my phone. I’m on my third phone this year (Sidekick2, Nokia E70, and now Nokia N80). It was difficult to save text messages on Sidekick 2 – lack of memory and online interface lacked OS X support. So I only had text messages since I started using Nokia again. Since we text message almost everyday, I didn’t want Abby’s messages to stay in the Inbox so I created a separate folder just for her. And since I wanted to save them, I stored them on a memory card. Now that I want to access them, I noticed you can’t view them by just browsing the memory card on the computer. So I had to use PC Sync software. Again, lack of OS X, I had to wait until work where I have access to a Windows machine. Well I found out you still can’t view custom folders even with PC Sync. You can only view Inbox, Draft, and Sent. So I had to clear my Inbox and moved all 1,500+ messages over so that I can view them. On top of that, if you want to print them, you would have to print a message for every page (1,500+ pages?). You cannot cosolidate a group of message to print on a page. I ended up having to take screenshots and print them that way. To think Nokia would have added some feature to do that – AND SUPPORT FOR OSX – no love for a more stable and secure operating system.

Anyway, after printing out most of the text messages I started to print out some of our Vonage activities. This was fun coz I got to seen how many times we called each other. Here is the activity from May 2006 to February 20, 2007.

My cellphone1 -> Her Vonage: 560 calls

Her Vonage -> My cellphone1: 993 calls

Her Vonage -> My cellphone2: 34

My house -> Her Vonage: 259 calls

Her Vonage -> My house: 106 calls

I was also curious as to how many times she called the NVC (National Visa Center): 259 times. Pretty cool stats. This will be great to show in the interview.

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  1. Thanks,,, It works well… only thing is…. I was too lazy to type in the folder path so i just put in “C:” and it’s taking forever to erase a ton of stuff.. hope none of them are important operating files…

    1. in terms of windows, microsoft don’t generally use file names that begin with a period. it’s more of a *nix/osx thing. unless you’re using a program that may have been ported over or settings. for instance if you are using keys for encryption or connection, it may delete them.

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