Peoples Reform Initiative for social Mobilization Foundation(PRISM), this is a non-government agency that provides counselling for Filipinos going abroad. It is a requirement so I have no choice but to attend it, well its good that they require us to attend. I had my seminar and counselling last Feb 19 at 10am. They conduct 3 seminars daily 10am-1pm-3pm. A limited number of person can attend, around 15 per session. The seminar is very informative, its an over view of what to expect living in another country, the rights and privelege as an immigrant or non-immigrant so that abuse can be prevented as well as government agencies that can help Filipinos abroad. They also inform us regarding the airport guidelines: weight limit of baggage,things not to bring, etc. The counsellors are very helpful so feel free to ask any questions that you need to clarify.

I am done with another requirement, now its the interview that we are looking forward to. Good thing that my baby is coming home to support me. We have been waiting for this and have been praying for Gods blessing and guidance for our successful journey.

Heres the link for those who want to learn more about PRISM and CFO seminar:

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