Metrolink Commuting

I’ve been taking the Metrolink to work for about a month now instead of driving. I’m tired of being stuck in traffic. So I decided to give it a try. Although it cost more in the beginning, I will be saving money in the long run. For instance, maintenance on the car will be less frequent. My car is near 90k miles and 3.5 years old (I keep it clean though). One way takes 2 hours and 20 minutes on a total of 4 trains compared to an hour and a half (light traffic) driving.

I’m a little more tired when taking the train since I have to wake up earlier but I can easily sleep if I need to on the train. I can also browse the internet on my laptop using my Verizon V70. There are about 2 dead spots but it hardly disconnects, it puts me on idle for about a minute and I’m back online – it’s a seamless procedure, I usually don’t notice it. I also can read a book or watch movies on my iPod touch.

So from the Rialto station I take the Metrolink train to Union Station in Los Angeles. The trip takes about 90 minutes. Then I get on the MTA Red Line or Purple Line for about 10 minutes to the 7th and Metro Station. This is where I catch the Blue Line to Long Beach. It takes about 40 minutes to the Imperial and Wilmington (Rosa Parks) Station. This is where I transfer to the Green Line where I get off Lakewood Blvd. Station which takes about 12 minutes. Then I walk from the station to work. It’s about 3/4 of a mile. I get my daily exercise then.

Overall it’s been good trips. I sometimes see “interesting” people. People grindin’ trying to make a living so they sell beads and candy. But don’t let that fool you, the LA Sheriff is watching all the time. They have random ticket checks and I’ve seen a few tickets being handed out and people arrested.

Even on weekends Abby and I take the train to LA to her pharmacy review. It’s a little less crowded then and cheaper. Also, with a paid Metrolink ticket, you can transfer to any Metro trains or buses.

You should save a day and try it out. There are many places you can go without driving. Plus you are helping the environment 🙂

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