Trip to Las Vegas!!!

It was Jeff’s b-day last May 3 so my husband decided to go with Jeff as he plan to celebrate his bday in Vegas. We arrive there on a friday afternoon so what we did is stroll as we went to see the different casinos in each hotel. It is not that tiring as you go from one place to another but as you go back where you have seen the site already, thats the time you will feel that you have been walking for quite sometime.

My hubby gave me a budget to gamble while he seats beside me as he waits for his free drinks to come. We didn’t win but it was fun since it was the first time I have ever been in Vegas.

We also had a chance to talk to a Filipino working in the casino who happens to be a realtor as well. We are considering of moving somewhere closer to Win’s work but because of the prices of the houses in Vegas, we got interested too. He was telling us just how it is like in all states where the value of the houses are going down. Even the brand new homes there are quite cheap well I mean relative to the cost of living here in CA. Generally, it was quite informative that we considered it at least during our trip there.

The following day we spent most of the day walking again with Jeff and Lorraine at Caesars palace, we had a brunch at Bellagio then head to Fat Tuesday at the Caesars Palace. The drink was delicious but I am not an alcohol drinker so that 750ml of Pina Colada and Champagne later on hit me. Well my hubby got two servings of that drink plus extra shot which you wouldn’t feel anything at first but then that night we took turns throwing up in the rest room. What an experience:) And we did save for dinner since we cannot tolerate eating.

Anyways, we will be going back again this July in the other side of Vegas. We stayed in Excalibur for this trip but since next time it is work related we will be staying in Venetian. Hopefully this time we will win some cash and no more throwing up except if I get pregnant again:)

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