22 Week Ultrasound

Last Wednesday we went in for a check up with our fetal geniticist and had another another ultrasound. The technician didn’t seem as friendly as the last. She wouldn’t allow me to take any video during. So I just scanned some of the print outs. The machine doesn’t seem as good as the last session either. Oh well, we’re going to do the 4D ultrasound soon. Here are some pics I scanned.

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  1. hi abby congrats!! you dont know me but i’ve encounter your website when i was searching for fpgee review sites, so far you’ve been so lucky you passed the fpgee and now your having a baby. while i on the other hand is not so lucky but i’ll keep on trying so have a nice day and enjoy your motherhood goodluck!!

  2. Thanks arlene! I wish you all the best too. Just never give up and keep trying, once you get pass FPGEE things will be a lot easier. Well, that is based from what my friends who are pharmacist now and some on their internship says. There is so much to look forward to and keep asking for God’s guidance. He always have something wonderful planned for us.Good luck! Thanks for visiting our site.

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