Ill Defense Son!

Look what wifey hooked me up with…

ildefonso01.jpg ildefonso03.jpg

Danny Ildefonso from San Miguel Beermen jersey. I can’t believe she found a size to fit me haha. The jersey is fresh. I just like rocking things you can’t get here or are hard to get. I just got one problem…


…which shoe am I gonna rock with the jersey. Every Jordan style I have has black/red color combination, haha. Decisions, decisions – no biggie, we’ll just see how I feel when I wear it.

I also got my stamp from China. Abby went to China last month and she picked us up a stamp made of jade. Check this out…

jaded_horsie.jpg A horse is carved out of jade since I was born in the year of the horse. Horses and I have something in common, feel me? 😉 I’m gonna start using my stamp and stamp everything!

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  1. Hello! I came across your post when I was Google-searching for Jerseys for the San Miguel Beermen.Could you please direct me to where I could purchase one (online or otherwise)? Thanks a million for your help!- Brian

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