Lepow Moonstone 3000

It’s been a while since my last blog post. We’ve been on a brief hiatus. During our hiatus, we’ve found ourselves needing a portable charger when electricity isn’t available. After coming back, I checked out what was being offered. Newegg put the Lepow Moonstone 3000 on sale for $12.99. I figured it’s worth a try since the price was affordable. Supposedly it also comes with a free home charger. I didn’t get it with the original shipment of the Lepow but Newegg contacted me and will be shipping it in a few days. It has horrible reviews, but free is free.

Back to the Lepow. So far it has worked great on my iPhone 5S. It can charge 50% of my phone in a bout 45 minutes – this is just having 1 phone plugged in. It has 2 USB ports so you can ideally charge 2 USB devices at the same time, though it may take longer. The charger’s battery capacity is 3000mAh and from the looks of it, can charge 2 cell phones before needing it to be recharged. I estimate about 2 hours to fully recharge the Lepow. Not bad, when you find yourself not having a place to plugin your devices. I haven’t tried it with my 4th Gen iPad but from what I’ve read online, it mentions iPad Mini but not full-size iPads.

Here’s what the box looks like. It’s neatly packaged.

There’s a travel pouch with a security tag. Scratch it off to find a security tag. You can enter this on their website to validate the product if you wish.

It comes with a micro USB cable that let’s you connect it to a powered USB port on your computer or laptop to charge it. You can also get a USB to AC adapter. The cable can also be used to charge other devices such as Android smart phones.

I’m charging it using a computer. The LED on the bottom shows how much charge it currently has. It’s showing 2 of 4.

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