Starbucks and AT&T wifi

Starbucks started a program with their card. It’s a rewards program. As long as you keep your card active (use/reload at least one a month), you can get free refills on brewed coffee, extra syrup or milk options, and my favorite – up to 2 hours of free AT&T wifi access. What’s great about this is that AT&T wifi is not just available at Starbucks, it’s available in many other places. So even if you hate Starbucks, as long as you have an active card, you can use the free wifi access where it’s available. It saved me from boredom and endless complaining this morning. I had to take Abby to Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale. There was a Coffee Bean next door with AT&T wifi. I just grabbed my iPod touch and was surfing the internet while I wait – like a good husband I am ;).

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