Google Drive is finally here

Google has finally released the Google Drive service. If you’re familiar with Dropbox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Apple’s iCloud, etc, it’s the same thing. I’ve been using Dropbox for years and enjoy it a lot. The free service gives you 2GB and you can upgrade it with a paid subscription. There are already many advantages for me to switching to Google Drive:

  1. I already use many Google services and they are all integrated.
  2. I already have a Google account so I don’t have to sign up for another new account.
  3. Many of my friend’s already have a Google account so it makes sharing easier.
  4. You get 5GB for free. I know Microsoft and Apple start you off with 5GB+ but Gmail has always been friendly with all operating systems – which is another advantage.
  5. Cost. For $2.49/month you get 25GB of storage. You can quadruple that and only pay twice that per month at $5. I may save more money versus using Amazon’s S3 service.

As I mentioned above, I’m currently using Amazon’s S3 service to back up my photos in the cloud. I’m currently paying around $3-4 per month. It’s a nice service and it’s a pay for what you use service. Not only am I paying for the storage that I use, I also pay for the bandwidth and server requests as well. That, I didn’t like. So far, it looks like storage is all I pay for with Google Drive. I may make the switch after I do some testing.

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