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Blizzard created a new gaming client called It’s just like the clients from Steam and Origin. It manages the games you have purchased/installed from them. One great thing that the client has that, so far, Steam and Origin clients cannot do is to easily move installation location of games. It isn’t impossible, but requires a some research. With, all you have to do is move the install directory from the source to destination. For instance, my C: drive is running low on space. I have Starcraft 2 installed in C:Program Files (x86)Starcraft 2. I just move that folder to D:Program Files (x86)Starcraft 2. Open up the client and highlight the Starcraft 2 game. There will be an Install button on the bottom and right next to it that lets you look for the installation folder. Click on that and browse to the new location. That’s it! No more having to worry about DLL files not linking or registry entry getting corrupted – at least for these games. Hopefully, Steam and Origin follow Blizzard soon. As games get larger and larger, I don’t want to have to keep redownloading and reinstalling the games just to move it to another directory.

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