Got a Fitbit

It all first started when I saw the Nike Fuel band and I got curious. I did some research online and found out what it did and how it worked. I checked out a couple of reviews and watched videos. I like the idea and would like to use a device to help me with losing weight. Nike’s product was appealing at first but there were many reviews of inaccuracies. Also, it only supports iOS for the mobile apps. I use Android for the time being so that’s another minus. The only thing I ended up liking was the wireless sync with your phone via bluetooth (iOS only) and the fuel points with the social media tie in. I started to look for other brands and found the Fitbit. It’s similar to Nike but supports Android devices. The reviews were better and the device is more accurate. It’s also cheaper. There were 2 negative remarks about the product that many people complained about. The first was that it isn’t waterproof (the Nike band is) and the second is support is through email only. You cannot call a number and talk to someone if you need help with your device.

I gave the Fitbit a try but rather than buy it online, I bought it from Best Buy and I also purchased an extended warranty. I didn’t want to deal with email only support. Besides, if the device malfunctions I deal with Best Buy and they’ll just replace it. I bought Abby one as well. They come in a black/blue and black/plum color. Here are some unboxing pics.

Installation was easy on both Mac and PC. The fact that it supports both OS was also a plus. For social media, there’s a Twitter and Facebook integration. It can search for friends using an email address or through Facebook.

After a day of use, it’s been good and accurate. I don’t think the USB can use more than 1 device which is a bummer. I wanted to just use one computer and USB to sync and charge our Fitbits. The sleeping log is pretty cool as well but you have to log the time you got in bed and the time you woke up. I thought it had smart enough to log when I use the armband with the Fitbit. But it did track how long I really slept for and how many times I woke up. Battery life looks great as well, though I’ve only used it for a day. I may be doing a follow up in a few weeks to see if anything has changed.

The online community is also responsive and active. I have posted a question and was able to get feedback within 2 hours. There are lots of third party apps and service. Some are free and some there’s a fee. Hopefully this will help me get on track. We’ll see if there’s any improvements for the next couple of weeks.

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