Adaptec is great

I’ve been running the Adaptec 6805 raid card for a few months now and it’s been great. Actually, Adaptec in general has been great. Their tech support is phenomenal, at least from my experience.

Today I received an email warning me of a bad block.

bad block

The message didn’t say much except something happened. I searched online and didn’t find much either. I ended up calling their support line. I didn’t have to make any option choices. There was an automated introduction and then I was put in a queue. About 2 minutes later someone was there to assist me.

They just asked for my name and what the problems were. She didn’t even ask for my TSID or my serial number. That’s great! I guess for more serious issues they will, but at least no time wasted.

She explained how to check the status on each drive and where to look for the information.

hdd status

Yes, I’m a bit new at this – which is why my friend from JB Tech Enterprises highly recommends Adaptec – it just works. If it doesn’t, finding support wouldn’t be a problem either. He’s right! Adaptec hardware may be expensive but the 2 instances I had to call support have been flawless and worth the premium price of the hardware. Thanks Adaptec.

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