Hurray, iPhone OS 3.0 preview

Today, Apple held a preview of their upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 and SDK. A lot of my wants will be coming. I may keep my iPhone 3G longer than planned – even though AT&T’s coverage is garbage. Here are a few that I’ve read about so far.

  • MMS support (Finally! Welcome to half a decade ago, if not more.)
  • Copy and paste (The pics during the demo looked promising and easy to use.)
  • Spotlight search (Though I don’t use it enough on Leopard, it’s a great tool to search across multiple locations.)
  • Peer to peer connection via Bonjour
  • Multiple players for games
  • CalDAV support
  • Voice memos
  • Sync notes
  • Turn by turn map
  • Modem tethering was mentioned but not demo’d ( I wonder once this capability is available, how much will AT&T charge extra? 😦 )

Those are just some of the new features that will be released sometime this summer (damn, that long?). Beta is available for developers today. I may look into the SDK more this time and maybe develop some stuff too – not sure yet though.

You can read the play by play on Engadget’s website – Thanks Apple, I’m a little excited about my iPhone again.

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