iPhone 3G tethering with MyWi

I recently jailbroke my iPhone 3G running OS 3.1.2. Then I installed MyWi to check out the tethering capabilities for the iPhone. With this app you can tether using USB, bluetooth and wifi.

Here is the speed test results.

The latency is pretty high but the connection seems consistent. I used to run a Verizon V740 internet card and was getting higher speeds – close to 2x faster download. I’m also getting a full signal on AT&T 3G – surprisingly.

Anyways, my Verizon contract is up and I terminated the service. I hardly found use for it. With MyWi, $10 seems like a good deal. Hopefully, AT&T doesn’t pull a “switch” to somehow disable this app.

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  1. It’s not too bad, because the main thing of Internet tethering is requiring Internet badly, not for daily Internet.

    1. there wasn’t much of a big difference between my bill from 2 months ago to last month’s bill. then again i didn’t really check the details of the bill and i rarely use the feature. my suggestion is to try it out for an hour or so close to your bill closing date. i wouldn’t download/view anything large. as i recall it, if they’ll charge, they’ll charge by the bandwidth and not by the time. they may not even charge at all coz with an iPhone data plan, you supposedly have unlimited access to the internet. but “unlimited” is questionable.

  2. I got an iPhone 3G as a gift from my best friend. This phone is the best phone that i ever had, great style and great features. I luv my iPhone 3G. *.

  3. the first batch of iPhone 3G was a bit pricey but now the price is more affordable than before. I bought two units of iPhone 3g and i am amazed of this phone.

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