I got my MBP back

This is the process I went through when I dealt with Apple and repairs on my Macbook Pro.

Here’s the timeline:

  • July 15th: Went to an Apple store and had a genius look at it. He created a ticket and suggested to ship the laptop to the repair center.
  • July 17th: Box to send the laptop in came via DHL (free)
  • July 18th: I shipped the laptop via DHL (free)
  • July 19th: Apple receives it and a diagnostic is performed (Texas). They found the problems and is waiting on a part they ordered
  • July 26th: Repair is complete and shipped
  • July 27th: Delivered to my house

Here are the parts that were ordered/replaced:

  • 646-0315 DSPL,15.4”,WXGA++,AG,AUO,M1

Total time I was without my laptop was 9 days. I’ve called a couple of times to get a status report but they knew as much as what the website told me (https://support.apple.com/repairstatus/). I purchased the AppleCare plan. I normally don’t but whenever I get laptops, it’s a must. With desktop computers, it’s easier and more cost effective to repair. Laptops are a different story. All in all, it was a trouble free experience. I just wished they lent me an MBP while they repair mine. I was going through withdrawals. I borrowed an old PowerBook G4 from work, but it wasn’t the same. It also ran OS X 10.3.9 and was slower

After they replaced the parts, I noticed it running a little cooler. There’s about a 10-14°F difference. It still gets hot but not as much as it did. It’s more tolerable now. I’m just glad my MBP is back.

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