Look what I found at Sheikh’s

We were at a local mall earlier to check out the photos we took at Sears yesterday. Even though I already ordered my pair of Hare Jordan I last Saturday from Niketown.com, I wanted to see if some of the stores still had some sizes and I wanted to see them in person before I got mine. As expected everyone is sold out. We went inside Sheikh just to see if they got some “goodies” because sometimes they have some pairs that are exclusive to their store. They did however have a pair of the kids left and I showed them to Abby. I’m glad I didn’t sleep on the pair. I was planning to, but when I noticed Eastbay was almost sold out (only 7-8, 11+ left), I pulled the trigger and bought mine from Nike’s website. We saw the girl’s version and she liked them. We ended up getting them.

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