New iPod Touch

I knew this was coming. It’s an iPhone without the AT&T service. I’m so tempted to get me and Abby one. This will replace her dusty, new Palm T|X. My biggest gripe is the 16GB max capacity. Since it’s using flash memory, I guess that’s the largest at this time. Flash memory is the reason why it’s so thin. They have a video you can watch that demonstrates the features. It seems they are doing pre-orders for now. I hope to see one in the stores soon.

I wonder how the iPhone owners who hate the AT&T service and wish they didn’t drop their original carrier but is stuck because of the 2 year contract – feel? I’m glad I waited. More than likely I’ll be picking up this model. It’s time to get a new one anyway. My current iPod is the video with the 60GB. I just have to figure out what albums to pull from my 43GB library. And how many videos will I be carrying at a time. Maybe I’ll continue to use my 60GB iPod video for music while I use the Touch for videos, wifi, and whatever.

Check out for more info.

iPod Touch

UPDATE: After more reading, I want to clarify that it’s not just an “iPhone without the phone”. There are other things missing like bluetooth, the whopping 2MP camera (sarcasm), and an email client. You can still check emails via web browser. Even with these things missing, I am still looking forward into getting one. The bluetooth would’ve been great but I can live without. I have a 2MP camera on my phone already and a digital camera that’s well beyond that. My Blackberry Pearl supports “push” email so I get my emails on my phone already.

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