New toys from Apple

Today Apple held a conference at their Northern California headquarters. As expected, they unveiled the redesigned iMacs and keyboards. They also released the new versions of iWork 08 and iLife 08. I’m really excited to see the new features iLife has to offer. I’m trying to download the video now. It’s over 20 minutes.

A disappointment though comes from their .Mac update. I really wished they made this a free service. But instead, they increased the capacity (1GB to 10GB for single account and 2GB to 20GB for family). They also have a web gallery now and supports photos and videos. They also increased the upload size from 10MB to 20MB. All this I have no need for. I just simply like the synchronization between multiple Mac and for $99, it’s not worth it. Oh well, I’ll keep wishing or hope that an open source alternative will come soon.

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