Air Penny II retro

Since I started collecting shoes over a decade ago, there have been only 3 pairs of shoes (not counting the pairs I already own) that I would buy in a heartbeat – in no particular order.

  1. Nike Air Foamposite One: Originally released back in 1997, I would have loved a pair but $180 was insanely expensive for that time. They re-released this shoe a couple of years ago, but didn’t know until I was too late and they were sold out, again. I’m hearing rumors of another retro release and I hope this time I can get a pair.
  2. Adidas Real Deal: This pair is one of the most comfortable basketball shoes I’ve ever worn, next to the Air Pippen II. I had the original white and blue color. I balled in them until they worn out and I “traded” them in. Now I wish I bought 2 pairs at that – even though it won’t fit me now.
  3. Nike Air Penny II: I had the original pair back in 1996. Same thing happened as I mentioned above. I balled in them and “traded” them in. I wish I kept them even though they were worn out. Just having the original – sigh. Anyway, they released the retros a few weeks ago and I ran to the nearest store to pick them up. I have yet to wear them coz they look so nice not worn, but they look so nice when I have them on. Now I want the Orlando Magic Penny jersey to match.

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