My first pairs of Clarks Wallabees

I’ve been wanting a pair of Clarks Wallabees for a while now and I finally bought 2. It was the night before my co-worker’s wedding and I wanted to buy a pair of shoes to wear. I have a pair of black Timberlands that I wore in the past but they were uncomfortable. Abby was at Ontario Mills that day so I met up with her after work.

I decided to check out the Clarks store since I was already there. They had a sale, buy one get one at 25% off. I found some black, suede ones that I had my eye on the last time I was there. They feel so comfortable, it’s like walking on a matress. The guy also brought out the last pair of some canvas ones. They were nice and I haven’t seen them before so I bought them too. Abby liked the suede ones too so I bought her a pair too. So for 3 pairs of Clarks Wallabees I spent around $220 – not bad I thought.

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