Hare Jordan I

My pair finally came in the mail. I’m glad I didn’t sleep on these. I’ve slowed down tremendously from collecting shoes and I was so close to pass up on these pairs. I even bought Abby a pair. I wish they made them for infants so Aedyn would’ve gotten a pair. It would’ve been our first family pair Jordans.

hare jordan

hare jordan

hare jordan

Look what I found at Sheikh’s

We were at a local mall earlier to check out the photos we took at Sears yesterday. Even though I already ordered my pair of Hare Jordan I last Saturday from Niketown.com, I wanted to see if some of the stores still had some sizes and I wanted to see them in person before I got mine. As expected everyone is sold out. We went inside Sheikh just to see if they got some “goodies” because sometimes they have some pairs that are exclusive to their store. They did however have a pair of the kids left and I showed them to Abby. I’m glad I didn’t sleep on the pair. I was planning to, but when I noticed Eastbay was almost sold out (only 7-8, 11+ left), I pulled the trigger and bought mine from Nike’s website. We saw the girl’s version and she liked them. We ended up getting them.

hare jordan

hare jordan

hare jordan


My first pairs of Clarks Wallabees

I’ve been wanting a pair of Clarks Wallabees for a while now and I finally bought 2. It was the night before my co-worker’s wedding and I wanted to buy a pair of shoes to wear. I have a pair of black Timberlands that I wore in the past but they were uncomfortable. Abby was at Ontario Mills that day so I met up with her after work.

I decided to check out the Clarks store since I was already there. They had a sale, buy one get one at 25% off. I found some black, suede ones that I had my eye on the last time I was there. They feel so comfortable, it’s like walking on a matress. The guy also brought out the last pair of some canvas ones. They were nice and I haven’t seen them before so I bought them too. Abby liked the suede ones too so I bought her a pair too. So for 3 pairs of Clarks Wallabees I spent around $220 – not bad I thought.

clark wallabees

clark wallabees

Air Penny II retro

Since I started collecting shoes over a decade ago, there have been only 3 pairs of shoes (not counting the pairs I already own) that I would buy in a heartbeat – in no particular order.

  1. Nike Air Foamposite One: Originally released back in 1997, I would have loved a pair but $180 was insanely expensive for that time. They re-released this shoe a couple of years ago, but didn’t know until I was too late and they were sold out, again. I’m hearing rumors of another retro release and I hope this time I can get a pair.
  2. Adidas Real Deal: This pair is one of the most comfortable basketball shoes I’ve ever worn, next to the Air Pippen II. I had the original white and blue color. I balled in them until they worn out and I “traded” them in. Now I wish I bought 2 pairs at that – even though it won’t fit me now.
  3. Nike Air Penny II: I had the original pair back in 1996. Same thing happened as I mentioned above. I balled in them and “traded” them in. I wish I kept them even though they were worn out. Just having the original – sigh. Anyway, they released the retros a few weeks ago and I ran to the nearest store to pick them up. I have yet to wear them coz they look so nice not worn, but they look so nice when I have them on. Now I want the Orlando Magic Penny jersey to match.

air penny

Kanye West Kicks?

I still haven’t had a chance to get the new Kanye West album, Graduation. I’ll probably go and buy it on my lunch break. But anyway, I was browsing the internet and saw these…

kanye west kicks

The top pair are from Bape (Bathing Ape) and the bottom are custom Air Max 180. I don’t know about the Air Max 180s but the Bape pair is nice looking. Wonder where I can get a pair?

Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning Retros – $500 and $250 = pure madness!

I just got an email about these and my jaw just dropped when I saw the price. The black and yellow 4s (Black Thunder) are $500 and it comes with a jacket. While the yellow and black 4s (Yellow Lightning) are $250 and it comes with a t-shirt. Both are limited edition. They both look hot in my opinion but damn, I’m not gonna spend that kind of money for those. As a shoe collector, I’m appalled. Or maybe I’m just getting old. August 23 is the release date, 4pm PDT, online at Jumpman23.com and you must be a member. Wonder how many Ebayers will jump on this and how much will they sell it for? By the way, here’s the pics.

alt jordans