Congrats Obama

Like many, I voted yesterday. I have been voting ever since I turned 18. I feel I’m obligated to take part of this being a citizen. But what was different yesterday is the polling place I go to went back to traditional voting methods. Unlike, the last presidential election I had the opportunity to vote electronically at the polls. What they did back in 2004 was hand out cards with GSM-like chips in them. I insert it in a machine and select the candidates I wanted to vote for. What’s great about this is I’m already used to using computers and I’m able to change my selection anytime before I press on the “submit” button. Well, yesterday I had to vote the traditional way and connected the lines to make an arrow. I’m not sure why they got rid of the electronic method of voting. I hope they bring it back in the future.

Plus I got a free cup of coffee from Starbucks for voting.

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