Thoughts on 2007 Acura MDX

My TL is at the dealer getting its A14 service maintenance. It’s the major service since my car has over 109K miles on it. This time the dealer gave me a 2007 MDX loaner. After having an unpleasant experience with a RDX as a loaner last time, I wanted to check out the MDX – so I’m glad they read my mind and gave me one for the day. Most of my thoughts will be based on comparing it with my 2004 TL.

The MDX has a DVD and rear view camera so according the their website it’s the Tech Package with Rear DVD System. It took some time to get used to the navigation system since unlock unlike my TL it isn’t touch screen. Most of the settings I adjusted was able to adjust using the voice recognition since I couldn’t find the buttons right away and I was feeling lazy to look. The commands are still same so far (compared to the TL).

The steering wheel folds inward when you pull the key out, so that you have plenty of room to get out of the vehicle. Once you insert the key, the steering wheel adjusts towards you to the position of how you set the seat memory. This is fully mechanical. There is a little joystick on the left side to help you position it properly. It moves inwards as soon as the key is removed.

The DVD uses wireless head phones. I also noticed RCA connectors in the back. You can plug in game consoles (Wii, PS3, 360, etc.) here. I used my iPod touch to play some videos off it. You can also listen to XM, AM/FM, and the 6 disc player.

The real-time traffic is pretty cool. I just don’t like how it’s displayed. I guess I got used to using my iPhone and Google maps. I don’t know how accurate or how frequent the updates occur. I’m sure it updates frequently since it’s connected to XM satellite. Uses the following colors: green = no traffic, yellow = some traffic, and red = traffic.

There are plenty of compartments in the center console. There is even one on the passenger side, next to where your left leg would be.

It can sit up to 7 people – 2 in the front, 3 in the 2nd row and the 3rd row can sit 2. The 3rd row can also fold down to give more trunk space. If you need more trunk space, the 2nd row can also fold down. It also has a power tailgate (automatic trunk door) that opens and closes mechanically. There’s even a button on the key fob.

What I also like is it drives just like my TL. It doesn’t feel any bigger and the response is quite similar. Of course, you wouldn’t want to take as fast turns as you would on a sedan. But in normal driving conditions, i felt very comfortable if not more comfortable than in my TL.

I was able to get about 24MPG but most of this is highway travel and with the A/C on.

Here’s a list of likes:

  • handles like a sedan
  • automatic telescopic steering wheel
  • automatic tailgate
  • sits 7 people
  • rear seats can fold down for more trunk space
  • 6 disc changer can play MP3 and WMA audio format
  • DVD entertainment system with wireless headphones can also access XM, AM/FM, and 6 disc player
  • monitoring of SH-AWD and tire pressure


  • front seats have heat capability but still no cooling capability – would be great during the summer
  • beeping sound it makes when the tailgate opens/closes
  • slow response with acceleration – not sure if it’s because of the gas used before I got it or something else

I have taken a quick video and some pics before I had to return it. You can view the video below and the pics off my Flickr account. Again, this is just a quick first thoughts and now a full blown review. I only had it for 1 day and most of the time I wasn’t able to drive it since I was at work. [youtube]

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