My TL is now 4 years old and 100,000+ miles

My car’s 4th birthday. On top of that, I reached 100,000 miles too. So far I’ve had a handful of B2 services and a bunch of A1 services. I’m on my 4th set of tires. After the crappy EL42s that came with the car, I’ve used Yokohama ES100 (if I remember correctly) and Falken ZE329. The Falkens I’m using are my current favorite. I’m on my second set. The Yokos were okay but got too noisy as it got old. The Falkens got noisy too but not as bad. I’m never going back to the Bridgestone Turanzas from the experience I got (blewout –

Anyways, after all those miles driven, she still runs great. It’s mostly freeway miles and I’m getting 28-30 mpg.

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