Bad experience at Target

Last week my Dad bought me the Family Guy Volume 5 exclusive DVD from Target.

family guy dvd

This week I noticed that disc 2 was scratched and unplayable on my DVD players. Unfortunately, my Dad threw the receipt away so I might have a problem exchanging it. But then I thought, well it’s a Target exclusive package, it was only released last week, and I just want to exchange it for the same exact item – I shouldn’t have a problem. I was wrong. Apparently they changed their return/exchange policy recently. You need a receipt for ALL returns/exchanges now. They were lenient before. I asked the manager if they can make an exception based on the situation but no dice. I ended calling their corporate office and was told the same thing. They even solicited me to get a Target credit card and that if I had one and used it to purchase the item, I wouldn’t have this problem. Unbelievable! I get that instead of helping me on a $35 purchase. What ever happened to customer service these days? Is it being outsourced as well?

Long story short, I found out my Dad paid with a check so they looked up the transaction and got my exchange processed. So if you will be paying with cash, make sure you keep the receipt.

After this experience, I will be hesitant on purchasing items from Target. I haven’t checked other stores lately but I wonder if everyone is doing the same.

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