Finished arranging and uploading 2,222 pics from the wedding

After weeks of arranging and uploading, I’ve finally finished all the pictures taken by our photographer during our wedding last month. Ariel Javelosa was the company who shot our prenup pics and the wedding pics. I was impressed by their professionalism and punctuality. Unfortunately, out of the 4 cameras used at least one had the date/time-stamp mis-configured. This made it hard to arrange the pictures in chronological order. I tried my best to remember the order of events. Here’s what I did using my Mac.

  1. Import all of the pictures off the CDs and create an album in iPhoto.
  2. Select View => Sort Photos => Manually. You can now drag the photos around and arrange them the way you want.
  3. Select all the photos (Apple + A). Select Photos => Batch Change.
  4. Set = Date. Then put the date and time you want the first photo to have. Then I added 10 seconds between each photo so that the order stays the same. Each photo’s time will be different by 10 seconds. I checked the Modify original files and clicked OK.
  5. If the title isn’t displaying, you can display it by selecting View => Titles.
  6. Select all the photos (Apple + A). Select Photos => Batch Change.
  7. Set = Title, to = Date/Time. Select Include Date: and select Short. Select Include Time, 12-hour clock, and select Show Seconds. Click OK.
  8. Make sure everything is still in order. Select View => Sort Photos => By Date. Make sure Ascending is checked.
  9. Create a folder on you Desktop.
  10. Select all of the photos in iPhoto then export. Select File => Export. Select the File Export tab. Select Current under Kind. Select Use title under File Name. Then click on Export.
  11. Navigate to the folder you made on your Desktop.
  12. Once finished open the folder and you will notice that the file names are now the date/time-stamp you changed it to using iPhoto and the order stayed the same (assuming that folder orders the files by filename).

That’s all in iPhoto. You can now use Automator to rename the files to whatever you want. It only takes 2 Actions in Automator.

  1. Get Specified Finder Items. This is where you drag the files over.
  2. Rename Finder Items. The first drop down select Make Sequential. Then new name: DSC_. Place number after name. Start number at 0001. Separated by nothing. Check the Make all numbers with the value of 4.
  3. Run it and you’re done. The files should be renamed something like DSC_0001.jpg and it’s incremented by 1 for every file. You can name it whatever you want. I then uploaded it onto my Phanfare account and 2 weeks later I’m done. Keep in mind that the Exif data wasn’t changed just the image property. Hope this helps anyone out there. It was an adventure trying to solve this problem – which could have been avoided if the camera date/time-stamp setting was configured properly.

You can see our pics at There’s 5 albums since I’m only able to have 500 pics each album.

Update: Phanfare has notified me that I can have more than 500 pictures in an album but am limited to 500 pictures in a section within an album. They were kind enough to email me a link on how to rearrange it. So now I have just 1 album broken down into 5 sections. Thanks Phanfare! 🙂

Update 2: We no longer have Phanfare. Our photo albums are on Facebook and is limited to family/friend views only. We haven’t found a replacement to Phanfare yet and may stick with Facebook since it does what we need it to do.

Yup, I wore the Air Jordan VIII “Aqua” on my wedding #sneakerhead

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  1. no you dont understand. you cant get a social security number with out a h1b visa. but the question is can you do the h1b visa for a pharmacy intern not for a pharmacist. because you cant get the pharmacy license without completing the intern hours. i am applying in the state of florida.

  2. hi, i am a foreign graduate too from the PHilippines and I am currently preparing for the NAPLEX which I am scheduled to sit for in January. Anyone with tips or strategies on how I could pull this one off? I heard that the exam is quite difficult.

  3. Hi Angela, halos ganito din ang plano ko sa ngayon and gusto ko sanang malaman kung itinuloy mo ba ito? Ano nang status ng pag aaral mo? Okay naman ba?

  4. hi abby, im here in LA.i am working as tech in leading drugstore.I tried to apply as intern but i havent heard with the intern coordinator.maybe bcoz they dont consider foreign grad.Though some of my acquaintances, they were considered.Not my luck???Anyway, what are the possible independent pharmacies that i can do hours? i tried to call some they dont accept too.Kinda frustrating?

  5. Hi ma’am abby. I just got here in LA 5days ago. I’m a Pharmacy graduate in UST(2010) and been working in a government hospital in Ph for 4yrs. I would like to work as a Pharmacist here or maybe start as a Pharmacy Tech but I don’t know how to start. I hope you can give me advice what to do first or the basic steps for the whole process. And if there’s an organization for Filipino pharmacists, it would be a pleasure to join. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi giana! In a nutshell you have 4 exams to take 1. Fpgee, 2. Toefl ibt, 3. Naplex, 4. Mpje then you have to do 1500 hours of internship. The steps varies kung saang state ka. Like in texas and new york kailangan mong mag apply to take naplex and mpje before you can do internship. In other states naman you have to do internship first before you can apply for the naplex and mpje. Also in new york may compounding exam pa yata sila and more intern hours required. Basta unahin mo muna yung fpgee and toefl ibt to get your fpgec certificate kasi yun ang pinaka basic requirement. ?

      1. Hi Ax One, is it really possible to take the NAPLEX before internship? Im done with the FPGEE and TOEFL. I’m living in CA and I wanted to take the NAPLEX first, however, would it be possible to take it in Texas even if I don’t live there? and do I have to actually take the exam there in texas? PLease guide me on this process, Thanks 🙂

    2. Ang sa pharmacy tech naman just take the pharmacy tech exam given by ptcb to become certified. Then if you got your certificate you can register in your state if required.

  6. Hi Mam Abby,
    Im planning to take Fpgee this 2015. Im from Texas. Kailangan po ba original yung tor at Diploma from school. And kailangan po bang itranslate yung Filipino subjects sa TOR and wordings sa diploma? Paano din po magrequest ng license and board cert sa prc? Thank you.

  7. Hi everyone! Im in TX and just got my FPGEC certificate last nov. Next step is applying for internship while preparing for the naplex and mpje. May group ba dito ng mga pinoy pharmacists or anyone here in tx who is on the same boat as I am?

    1. Hey..I also live in TX and looking for internship right now.I also appeared for FPGEE last year and passed.But,I gave TOEFL after FPGEE and now expecting my FPGEC next month.Meanwhile, I started looking for internship.Its hard to find internship for foreign students.Did u started your internship?where do you live in TX?I live in Beaumont,TX.

      1. Congratulations. Im planning to take Fpgee. May i ask what are the requirements you submitted? Im confused abt the lic and board cert in sealed envelope? Do i need to go to prc for that? Thank you.

        1. Hello let. It means that your documents must be sealed by the university you are graduated from. Did you send your documents to ECE?

      2. Hello, I’m a U.S. and filipino citizen planning to go back to Philippines for college since it’s cheaper and I don’t wanna be in debt. I also live in TX. How were you able to get your FPGEE? I think I’ll get my BS in Pharmacy first which takes 4 years. But they require 5+ years for the FPGEE, right? Can you please tell me what you did?

        1. for me i graduated a long time ago but to my awareness there is no program in the philippines offering 5 year pharmacy course and you might be having to take additional courses to satisfy that requirement (Univ San Carlos Cebu). Or try universities in Malaysia offering 5 years…

        2. Hi Pretzel, what school are you planning to study at?
          There are a few schools that offers the 5 year b.s pharm course in the Philippines.. As for me, i went to USC for the 4 year b.s pharmacy course, then proceeded to the optional 5th year clinical pharmacy course.. Hope this helps 🙂

        1. hi cookie and ax one – also from houston – fort bend county and planning to take naplex january 2016. meron n kayo internship? appreciate leads. i will let you know if i have leads too. salamat

          1. Hi patinghangin, Harris county ako, wala pa din eh focus pa ako sa pag review muna.. Will update you pag meron na din akong leads. Thanks

          2. thanks cookie, buti nga dito sa texas we can get the license ahead of internship pero what i hear is its best to get internship sabay or talk to supervising pharmacist for ‘internship’ hours as a pharm tech/ unpaid intern – to help in the case studies sa exam. cheers

    2. Hi kumusta? Im planning to take fpgee and still working on the requirements. Ano isusubmit na lic at board cert, kailangan ba photocopy and kailangan pa ba pumunta sa prc? I live in Tx as well.

    3. Hi ax one,
      Were you able to get internship? I’m in houston and got my fpgec last month.. Planning to take naplex and mpje first..

  8. hi I’m in California right now. I believe you are not allowed to take FPGEC if you are a graduate 2003 and beyond right? Unless you took the 5 year course. Please guide me guys. Thanks

  9. hi, I am a graduating pharmacy student and planning to work abroad though hindi pa ako licensed pharmacist, nagtitingin tingin na ako kung paano maka apply sa abroad as a pharmacist. and I am really studying hard for the licensure examination here in Philippines. gusto ko po talagang magtrabaho sa abroad dahil nga sa konti lang ang sweldo ng pharmacists dito. sana matulungan nio ako if ever pharmacist na ako and looking for a job dyan sa us. thank you

  10. Hi.. i am a licensed pharmacist since 2011 here in the Phil. I want to study in the US to get a PharmD degree since i just completed a 4-year pharmacy curriculum here. I can’t take the FPGEC because of it and am stuck..i really need your help..thank you..any suggestions on what i should do?

  11. Hi to all, i am a fresh grad and just passed the boards here in the phils. And a still live here. I want to work abroad, but i dont know the process on how to apply. Can anybody please tell me how? ? thank you po ?

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