Thank God…I’m alive…

It was Holy week last week and our family decided to go to Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. It was Holy Wednesday, we left Makati at 1am in the morning and was at the church in Pangasinan at 5.30 in the morning to hear mass and say our prayers. We headed straight to Baguio afterwards where we went to Burnham Park, Mountains view park, Our Lady of Lourdes grotto and SM. The weather is cold and we enjoyed our stayed in Baguio. We are heading home the following day, Maunday Thursday when I experienced choking sensation. I thought it was my asthma again so I puffed my inhaler, when it wasn’t working I tried a different one….and another different medication. By this time I am panicking and asked the driver to look for the nearest hospital in Tarlac. I was brought to a small clinic and was given nebulization and Isoptin which didnt help either instead it gave me chest heaviness and a feeling of doomsday! I was rushed to a bigger hospital this time thru their ambulance. The doctors there gave me lidocaine after they did an ECG. They found out that my PVC(premature ventricular contraction) are alarming. This PVC causes skip beat..but this time the skip seems to be longer as aggravated by my asthma drugs. I have never felt like this before…as if I am going to die. I stayed in the ICU for 3 hours then I was able to talk to the doctor at Tarlac, I asked his permission to transfer me at Makati Medical Center where I used to worked. So another ambulance transported me at Makati Med where I stayed for 5 days at ICU(intensive care unit) and 1 day observation in their regular room.

I guess it is a blessing that I found this out now, that my asthma medications has caused this to my heart. I am suppose to fly next week in America with my husband but the doctor wouldn’t allow us. So we change our flight again….

I am just thankful to God that I survive this. Its very reassuring that my family is with me at that time….I thank as well the support of my in-laws, relatives and friends. I cant thank the Lord enough for giving me such a CARING, LOVING AND TRULY WONDERFUL husband, though we have our shortcomings and differences, He will always be the “ONE” for me. In addition, I appreciate my cardiologist Dr. Cabrera and Dr. Aquino my pulmonologist for doing a great job taking good care of me.

I know that trials will come along the way and each one teaches us a lesson and it makes our faith and relationship with God and with our love ones stronger. I pray that God will guide us always and may He give me strength and good health to achieve my goals, dreams and aspirations.

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