Psystar and their Mac Clone

After hearing Psystar’s (which might be a false company) release of a Mac clone (Open Computer), I was excited and highly considering a purchase. Then I find out that it’s a “Hackintosh” version of Leopard running on compatible Intel hardware. Now I’ve tried installing “Hackintosh” on a laptop at work and a desktop at home. It’s impressive how OS X is able to run outside Apple hardware. I was going to build one based on Lifehacker’s guide. But after $800, no software update support (at least it’s up to Apple – similar to hacked iPhones and iTouches), I figured I’d rather spend the extra money to get a real Apple computer. I only wanted a new one since my G5 at home doesn’t have an Intel processor. Other than that, my G5 still rocks! I’m running 2.5GB ram with a dual 2.0GHz processor. I’m just limited to running things that don’t require Intel to work.

Anyways, if you’re still interested, here’s a video of one running. Notice how loud the fans are :(. Still not sure if the company is legit but based on the video, someone got their order.

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