Vonage’s unlimited calls to the Philippines… finally!

Vonage has recently added an unlimited plan that allows you to call the Philippines. I have been waiting for this for so many years. We had a Vonage account a few years ago and was paying $24/month. We sent the device to the Philippines so that we can call them locally. The problem is it was expensive and we were only able to call one place. We have family all over.

To lower the cost we tried using Skype. We bought a phone that can be plugged into the network and use a Skype account. This was a cheaper way of communicating. It’s only $8 every 3 months.

Since our cell phone provider right now is T-Mobile, we also have their “at home” service. It’s a router that allows you to plug in a phone. It’s similar to Vonage. This one cost around $15/month after taxes and is at another family’s house.

Even though Skype and T-Mobile’s at home solution is cheaper than Vonage, you would still need internet access for each location. Internet speeds in Philippines aren’t as great over here, plus they do have occasional black outs. The communication is only available where the device is.

This is why I’m so excited about Vonage’s new unlimited plan. For about $75/month after taxes, I’m able to call anyone in Philippines. Sounds expensive? I don’t think so. If you are using phone cards at $5 and it gives you an average of 30 minutes of talk to a mobile number, the monthly cost of the Vonage plan is equal to about 15 phone cards a month. Now let’s assume you get 30 minutes for each phone card… keep in mind that this would be a perfect connection. Remember, if the call is incomplete or you hang up and redial, they will rape you. Plus, you will have to call again once the card runs out of credits; such an inconvenience. Another advantage with the Vonage plan is it will allow you to call anyone in the US (not really an advantage if your cell phone can already do it) and Canada.

We’ve been using it for a day now and so far it’s been good. The quality is as good as our internet connection and our family’s land line/mobile connection in Philippines. There is no contract and the equipment is free. I suggest trying it out for a month. All you got to lose is $75 which I’m sure you are already spending calling the Philippines.

For more information about this plan, check out Vonage’s website http://www.vonage.com/lp/US/philippines/.

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  1. Try buying another vonage unit and have it sent to the philippines. The lowest monthly plan I think is at $11.95, then you can use it for free since vonage to vonage calls are free of charge. Having 2 vonage phones might cost around $30-40/month plus the cheapest internet connection ($999/month).

    1. we used to do it that way but that only allowed us to call the household where the unit is. if we had to buy vonage units for each relative we wanted to talk to and pay for their internet service, it just wouldn’t be practical and too expensive.

  2. Hi, Pidipompi offer, $4.95=63 min for Landline/Globe @7.9 cents/min and 44 mins for Smart and other mobile @11.3 cents/min.$9.95=126 min for Landline/Globe @7.9 cents/min and 88 mins for Smart and other mobile @11.3 cents/min.$19.95=288 min for Landline/Globe @6.9 cents/min and 202 mins for Smart and other mobile @9.9 cents/min.RegardsPhone card to Philippines | cheap calls to Philippines

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