Newest toy: Maxtor 600GB external drive (x2) – over a terrabyte of space

CompUSA had the Maxtor 600GB external drives on clearance over the weekend. On top of the clearance price, they had an extra 25% off. I had to jump of these. I was gonna purchase a new Mac Pro but decided to just upgrade my current Power Mac G5. This was a perfect opportunity. So I picked up 2 and both are connected using Firewire 800 with one daisy chained to the other. The drives are great, true plug n play in OS X environment. I transferred 120GB of data from an internal SATA drive onto the new hard drives in a little over an hour. If I get a chance I’ll see how fast it’ll be when I transfer it from one drive to the other (both on firewire 800). Now I have Backup software backing up to one of the drives daily, and with 600GB (~558GB after format), it’s no problem. The only thing I didn’t like was the software that came with it. The interface was buggy and not intuitive. This is why I use Disc Utility and Backup.

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