My first YouTube video

After having an account for more than a year, I finally uploaded my first YouTube video. It was pretty easy usingMPEGStreamclip to encode it into DV format then import it to iMovie. Once in iMovie, you can do your basic edits and share it in Quicktime. Then you can upload it onto YouTube. If you have iMovie 08, there’s a built in share to YouTube which is very easy to use. It will ask for you account information and it will upload everything for you. Only thing is I hate how they designed iMovie 08. So for my first video, I uploaded the on-site video slideshow created by Ariel Javelosa’s crew during our wedding. [youtube]

After playing with that I Tivo’d the Liliw Tsinelas festival 2008 special during Unang Hirit. This is when I found it that you can only have up to about 10 minutes per video. So I had to split it up. Here they are. [youtube] [youtube]

It was fun and easy. I may start uploading more videos.

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