New goodies from Apple

Today Apple released their new versions of the iPod. Nothing major. All got a higher capacity version, the Shuffle got smaller, and the Nano got new colors (no more white?). Here are some pics:

iTunes also got an update to version 7. It has some nice new views. Since iTunes Music Store (ITMS) started to sell movies, this update was inevitable. There are numerious new features. One feature is the new view screens. It also downloads album cover automatically (assuming the album is available from ITMS). There is even an option that allocates space for you iPod for just movies, music, pictures, files, etc.

You can now save your library onto a CD or DVD. If you’re like me, this feature is useless since my library is over 40GB. But you can either backup your library onto an external drive and or save the library on an external drive. That way if your primary HD fails, it’s not affected.

But the best feature has got to be the multiple libraries feature. Finally it’s free! I have yet to fully play with it but the little time I did, I’m impressed. Here’s some more screen shots.

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