Apple rebates under 1 week

My cousin Von just bought a Macbook last Monday February 2. Apple is giving a $100 rebate with a purchase of a printer. He didn’t want a printer so I bought a Canon Selphy for $100 which made it free after rebate. You can now submit this rebate online at You will need to enter the ID number at the bottom of the receipt. I submitted the rebate that same night and today I got the rebate in the mail. I didn’t even need to enter any serial number or submit the UPC. It’s fast and convenient. Some companies are already using this method but even then the rebates take around a month or more. Kudos! to Apple.

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  1. helloI saw your video instruction on how to open an intel imac aluminium,thanks very much, it helped me a lot, so now I have 1 terabyte to work with…and it wasn’t hard at all, althoug my lcd had one black cable in the left side and 4 connections in the right side, so maybe I have different version than yours (that only had cable in the right side)but maybe you can help: after putting it together again, and installing osx, airport cannot find the airport base station (which works fine)… is it possible that something happende during harddisk replacement, do you know where airport is located in the imac?but thanks again for your great videoregards john

    1. hi john,i’m not sure if you read my blog entry… but i’ve included 2 other youtube videos there that helped me while i was opening my iMac.from your description, it sounds like you iMac’s airport card may have been altered/damaged. does your iMac still recognize that there’s an airport card installed? i’m not sure where the airport card is though. hope that helps a

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