My MBP overheating, out for repairs

I finally couldn’t stand the heat generated by my Macbook Pro. I downloaded CoreDuoTemp to monitor the temperature. I was getting an average of 147°F when it either idles or low load (web surfing, iTunes playing, FTP, or just coding some apps). But when I play World of Warcraft, I noticed it get as high as 186°F. Even the plug gets hot where I had to let it cool off for a few minutes after I shut down or sleep my laptop. So I found time to bring it in one of the Apple stores nearby to have them check it out. The tech/genius checked it out and in a few minutes just decided to send it in for repairs. I brought it back home to do some backups and after 2 days, Apple sent me a box via DHL to send it in. It’s been 3 working days and their still waiting for a part to come in. I hope to get this done soon.

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