Moving games in

Blizzard created a new gaming client called It’s just like the clients from Steam and Origin. It manages the games you have purchased/installed from them. One great thing that the client has that, so far, Steam and Origin clients cannot do is to easily move installation location of games. It isn’t impossible, but requires a some research. With, all you have to do is move the install directory from the source to destination. For instance, my C: drive is running low on space. I have Starcraft 2 installed in C:Program Files (x86)Starcraft 2. I just move that folder to D:Program Files (x86)Starcraft 2. Open up the client and highlight the Starcraft 2 game. There will be an Install button on the bottom and right next to it that lets you look for the installation folder. Click on that and browse to the new location. That’s it! No more having to worry about DLL files not linking or registry entry getting corrupted – at least for these games. Hopefully, Steam and Origin follow Blizzard soon. As games get larger and larger, I don’t want to have to keep redownloading and reinstalling the games just to move it to another directory.

Ultimate Combo Pack God of War

It’s been a while since I last played my PS3. I recently fired her up last night but one important thing was missing, the controller. I looked everywhere and I just can’t find it. Luckily I have the bluray remote so I was able to do the updates. Today, I went and picked up the Ultimate Combo Pack – God of War. It was only $5 more than the controller itself and it comes with 5 of the God of War games.

  1. God of War
  2. God of War 2
  3. God of War 3
  4. God of War: Chains of Olympus
  5. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The games that didn’t originally release for the PS3 has been remastered to HD and supports 3D. It comes with a red wireless Dualshock controller but no USB charger cable. Being it’s not my first controller, I have one. It’s also the common USB cable that is used for digital cameras, some cell phones, external hard drives, and other tech devices – so I have plenty. You don’t have to get the combo pack to get the games. You can get the God of War Saga by itself.



Sony PSP Go

My mother-in-law bought me a PSP Go for Christmas, thanks Mommy! I’ve had for almost a month now. So far it’s great. But first, let me just say that I came from a PSP 2000. I love the console but I didn’t play it as much so I sold it last year. Now the PSP Go comes out and I started to miss my PSP. I had a choice between the PSP 3000 or the Go. So I spent a few days to weeks trying to figure out which to get. I heard both sides and I have my reasons.

Here are the reasons not to get the PSP Go and some notes as to why I still went with the PSP Go.

  1. More expensive. (It’s free for me since it’s a gift.)
  2. Can’t sell downloaded games when you’re done with them as oppose to old UMD games. (I never sold any of my UMDs either even after I was done with them.)
  3. Not all games are available for download. (I’m more of a classic guy. I like playing older titles.)
  4. New games aren’t available the same day as UMD versions are released. (As I stated above, the new titles aren’t such a big deal to me. I have a PS3, Wii, 360, iPhone, Google OS phone – so the PSP won’t be my primary gaming console let alone the only portable gaming console I have.)
  5. Frequent deals on UMD version games versus the downloaded games. (See #4 and I’m a patient person.)
  6. The controls are awkwardly placed. (As with any new console, we all have to get used to the newly shaped controller. You can also use the “claw” position when playing the PSP.)
  7. Smaller screen size. (No big deal for me.)
  8. 802.11 B only. (I know it doesn’t support at least G or N, I doubt the PSP can process that big of information even if it did. Also, Sony’s servers are slow most of the times, even if it had the capability of 54mbps, I doubt you’ll be downloading at that speed anyway.)

Here are reasons why I like the PSP Go over the old series.

  1. Smaller. It’s more portable and fits easier in my pockets.
  2. Lighter. Not that much lighter, but lighter.
  3. Downloaded content. I hated UMDs. I hated carrying them around. I’ve lost too many in the past. With downloaded content, I don’t have to worry about losing games. I can re-download them.
  4. Bluetooth. You can connect headsets and the PS3 controller.
  5. Pause a game any time. This feature is great. I can pause a game any time without having to look for a saving point. Of course you can only do this one game at a time.
  6. 16GB internal memory. It’s plenty to begin with. I’ve downloaded a few games and demos and still have 10GB of space left.

Other things I noticed.

  1. It took a little over 2 hours to download God of War (1.3GB) and 34 minutes to install. If you have a PS3, use it to download the content and extract – it is so much faster.
  2. Downloading content from PSN is noticeably slow whether on my PS3 or PSP.
  3. There is no L2 or R2 buttons on the PSP. You may run into problems with PS1/2 games such as Twisted Metal and the 4. Street Fighter Alpha series – they use L2 and R2 buttons. You may have to reassign them.
  4. When connected to OS X, it mounts as if it’s an external storage device. Transferring data shouldn’t be a problem. No official software from Sony is available if you want to use your Mac and download from the PSN website (of course).

So far I like it. Many others don’t like it but for what I need and use it for, it fits me just fine. Here are a few pics next to the old PSP.


It’s finally here, World of Warcraft’s second expansion, The Wrath of the Lich King. I picked up the limited edition package with the mouse pad, dvd installer (I hated reinserting those CDs), behind the scenes DVD, art book and an in-game pet. I figured might as well pay the extra $ since I had some gift certificates to use up.

I’ve played about an hour of it so far earlier. I got my Death Knight made. You must have an available character slot in order to create one. You start off in Eastern Plaguelands at level 55. I’ve done a couple of quests with her already. A mount can be summoned once you complete a chain quest (2).

After messing with that, I changed on to my Paladin toon and did a couple of quests in the new lands. Some of the green gear I saw as rewards will already replace any existing blue gear you have.

So now I’m home and have installed it on my iMac and I come to this…

I captured the image 30 minutes after I logged in… and still waiting. This is worse than when The Burning Crusade expansion came out. Oh well…

Getting fit with the Wii Fit

We’ve been playing with our Wii Fit since the day it came out (May 21, 2008). So far we’ve been exercising with it about 30 minutes a day. We’re on our sixth day and have unlocked a couple of the new activities. My favorite activities so far is the ski jump, yoga, and the hula hoop. Abby seems to like the aerobics, hula hoop, and the ski jump. I think she’s more focused on beating my scores instead of exercising.

We were worried that it will sell out since it’s a new Wii accessory. So what we did was check out a couple of Walmarts on the way to work last Wednesday since they opened at 7am. A couple of the regular Walmarts didn’t get their shipment in yet. So we decided to go to the super Walmart in Baldwin Park. They had around 10 there. We bought 1 for us and 3 to sell on eBay. During lunch we went to a nearby Best Buy to check their inventory. They had one on demo right by the entrance. We asked if they had anymore, they didn’t. I’m glad we picked ours up early.

The Wii Fit is wireless and is powered by 4 AA batteries which are included. Every time you begin your training, it will determine your weight and BMI and compare it to the last recording. The setup is similar to Brain Age. It will graph your progress and try to make suggestions and tips based on the results. If you have a Wii, this is a definite addition to your collection.

wii fit

Wii finally found a Wii

Well, we’ve only started looking for a week. We saw one at Fry’s but they were selling it in a package. The package came with another controller, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, charge station, and a warranty. All this for $460. I was a little upset on how they threw in that warranty. I wouldn’t mind paying for the package since I will be using the items included – except that warranty. Other stores like Game Stop are also doing the package thing with the warranty.

We then went to a Walmart. They are not doing the package deal in the store but are online. They also had a return the night we went. It was tempting but they were selling it for the same price even though it was a return. So we went home empty handed. The next day we decided to go back and get it since it was so hard to find. Well, somebody bought it.

So last week we went to another Walmart to buy some stuff. We checked out the electronics section and to our surprise we saw at least 10 Wii boxes. At first we thought they were empty display boxes but when we asked an associate, she said they are the Wiis. We didn’t hesitate. We bought the one with the Wii Sports. The game is very fun. What I recommend those who don’t have a second remote or are planning on buying a Wii is to buy theWii Play. Another controller costs about $39 but the game itself is $49 plus it comes with a controller. This game is also a fun one to play. Oh and a warning, don’t play next to anything. I’ve already spilled a glass of water while playing the bowling game.


360 all around

It’s been a while since I blogged. Well “Black Friday”, E and I picked up our XBox 360s and Gears of War. Also grabbed my brother a PSP. All in all I spent about $1200 that day. I was suppose to buy gifts for other people, instead I bought something for myself. Then again, I did buy E and J their toys, guess that counts. Gears of War is a great game. We beat in 2 days, not bad. Gonna try out the insane mode.

xbox 360

WoW is down, new toon, different server

WoW has been down for a day now so I was forced to create a new character on a different server. This time no friends to give me money. It’s good though since I was able to do some things while it’s down and I wanted to try the Horde side of things.


Here’s my new toon on the Dentarg server. I’ve been using tagalog words haha. Wonder if anyone picks the names up.


Hurry up Blizzard and finish up your maintenance. I miss my Alliance characters.

Wowowee on WoW

I started playing World of Warcraft the other day. I had a $20 gift certificate at Best Buy and the game dropped down to that price so I decided to check it out. It’s been a couple of years since my last MMORPG game (Star Wars Galaxies) and I’m worried to start a new one since the last time I played, I didn’t get much sleep. Well to help make sure that doesn’t happen I ended up buying the 2 month cards for $30 rather than have it deduct automatically from my credit card. By the way, this game runs so smooth on both my MBP and PowerMac G5. On top of playing the game in window mode, I can rip a DVD and convert video files all at the same time. Gotta love OS X and Apple hardware 😉

I’m only a level 10 Druid but I just started playing 2 days ago. So far it’s good, not compared to SWG (before the stupid patch) but it’s entertaining.

Update: I’m a level 70 now 🙂