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My mother-in-law bought me a PSP Go for Christmas, thanks Mommy! I’ve had for almost a month now. So far it’s great. But first, let me just say that I came from a PSP 2000. I love the console but I didn’t play it as much so I sold it last year. Now the PSP Go comes out and I started to miss my PSP. I had a choice between the PSP 3000 or the Go. So I spent a few days to weeks trying to figure out which to get. I heard both sides and I have my reasons.

Here are the reasons not to get the PSP Go and some notes as to why I still went with the PSP Go.

  1. More expensive. (It’s free for me since it’s a gift.)
  2. Can’t sell downloaded games when you’re done with them as oppose to old UMD games. (I never sold any of my UMDs either even after I was done with them.)
  3. Not all games are available for download. (I’m more of a classic guy. I like playing older titles.)
  4. New games aren’t available the same day as UMD versions are released. (As I stated above, the new titles aren’t such a big deal to me. I have a PS3, Wii, 360, iPhone, Google OS phone – so the PSP won’t be my primary gaming console let alone the only portable gaming console I have.)
  5. Frequent deals on UMD version games versus the downloaded games. (See #4 and I’m a patient person.)
  6. The controls are awkwardly placed. (As with any new console, we all have to get used to the newly shaped controller. You can also use the “claw” position when playing the PSP.)
  7. Smaller screen size. (No big deal for me.)
  8. 802.11 B only. (I know it doesn’t support at least G or N, I doubt the PSP can process that big of information even if it did. Also, Sony’s servers are slow most of the times, even if it had the capability of 54mbps, I doubt you’ll be downloading at that speed anyway.)

Here are reasons why I like the PSP Go over the old series.

  1. Smaller. It’s more portable and fits easier in my pockets.
  2. Lighter. Not that much lighter, but lighter.
  3. Downloaded content. I hated UMDs. I hated carrying them around. I’ve lost too many in the past. With downloaded content, I don’t have to worry about losing games. I can re-download them.
  4. Bluetooth. You can connect headsets and the PS3 controller.
  5. Pause a game any time. This feature is great. I can pause a game any time without having to look for a saving point. Of course you can only do this one game at a time.
  6. 16GB internal memory. It’s plenty to begin with. I’ve downloaded a few games and demos and still have 10GB of space left.

Other things I noticed.

  1. It took a little over 2 hours to download God of War (1.3GB) and 34 minutes to install. If you have a PS3, use it to download the content and extract – it is so much faster.
  2. Downloading content from PSN is noticeably slow whether on my PS3 or PSP.
  3. There is no L2 or R2 buttons on the PSP. You may run into problems with PS1/2 games such as Twisted Metal and the 4. Street Fighter Alpha series – they use L2 and R2 buttons. You may have to reassign them.
  4. When connected to OS X, it mounts as if it’s an external storage device. Transferring data shouldn’t be a problem. No official software from Sony is available if you want to use your Mac and download from the PSN website (of course).

So far I like it. Many others don’t like it but for what I need and use it for, it fits me just fine. Here are a few pics next to the old PSP.

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  1. It’s definitely got a nice sleek look to it although it looks to me that the regular PSP would just be more comfortable control wise to use. I like how the screen on the regular PSP is right where your hands are while the other one is above.

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