Getting fit with the Wii Fit

We’ve been playing with our Wii Fit since the day it came out (May 21, 2008). So far we’ve been exercising with it about 30 minutes a day. We’re on our sixth day and have unlocked a couple of the new activities. My favorite activities so far is the ski jump, yoga, and the hula hoop. Abby seems to like the aerobics, hula hoop, and the ski jump. I think she’s more focused on beating my scores instead of exercising.

We were worried that it will sell out since it’s a new Wii accessory. So what we did was check out a couple of Walmarts on the way to work last Wednesday since they opened at 7am. A couple of the regular Walmarts didn’t get their shipment in yet. So we decided to go to the super Walmart in Baldwin Park. They had around 10 there. We bought 1 for us and 3 to sell on eBay. During lunch we went to a nearby Best Buy to check their inventory. They had one on demo right by the entrance. We asked if they had anymore, they didn’t. I’m glad we picked ours up early.

The Wii Fit is wireless and is powered by 4 AA batteries which are included. Every time you begin your training, it will determine your weight and BMI and compare it to the last recording. The setup is similar to Brain Age. It will graph your progress and try to make suggestions and tips based on the results. If you have a Wii, this is a definite addition to your collection.

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