Wii finally found a Wii

Well, we’ve only started looking for a week. We saw one at Fry’s but they were selling it in a package. The package came with another controller, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, charge station, and a warranty. All this for $460. I was a little upset on how they threw in that warranty. I wouldn’t mind paying for the package since I will be using the items included – except that warranty. Other stores like Game Stop are also doing the package thing with the warranty.

We then went to a Walmart. They are not doing the package deal in the store but are online. They also had a return the night we went. It was tempting but they were selling it for the same price even though it was a return. So we went home empty handed. The next day we decided to go back and get it since it was so hard to find. Well, somebody bought it.

So last week we went to another Walmart to buy some stuff. We checked out the electronics section and to our surprise we saw at least 10 Wii boxes. At first we thought they were empty display boxes but when we asked an associate, she said they are the Wiis. We didn’t hesitate. We bought the one with the Wii Sports. The game is very fun. What I recommend those who don’t have a second remote or are planning on buying a Wii is to buy theWii Play. Another controller costs about $39 but the game itself is $49 plus it comes with a controller. This game is also a fun one to play. Oh and a warning, don’t play next to anything. I’ve already spilled a glass of water while playing the bowling game.

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  1. I had the same bother trying to get just a wii package on its own. Was almost like the only thing I had to do that i couldn’t tick of my todo shopping list. Finally i got one and now play on it all the time.

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