LG Tone HBS 730

For many years, I’ve been using Apple’s earpods regardless of the phone I’m using. Why? Because they are the best that I’ve used when I just need a plain headset for music and phone functionality. One of the key features it can do is it’s tangle-free, at least the newer ones are. They even survived a trip to the washing machine.

Recently AT&T had a promotion that enabled me to get a pair of LG Tone+ HBS-730 bluetooth stereo headset for the cost of a pair of Apple earpods – $30. I’ve seen many people use these, great reviews online, so I figured it’s worth taking a look at. I’ve never been a fan of bluetooth headsets for three reasons:

  1. It was another device that I had to charge.
  2. Previous devices I looked into suffered intermittent connections.
  3. Price.

So what’s in the box?

  • The HBS-730 headset.
  • Micro USB cable for charging. I just love how most non-Apple devices use micro USB cables.
  • USB to AC wall adapter.
  • 3 different sized earbuds. 2 are in the bag and 1 on the headset.
  • The usual paperwork.

The headset is worn around your neck. The earbuds are held in place by magnets. Just pull them out and pop them in your ear. They are pretty comfortable.

The headset can be easily paired to multiple devices. I currently have them paired to my Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, and LG G3. When you turn on the device, you will hear an audible notification power on and it will tell you the current battery level. Battery life is good. I’d say I use it about 3 hours each day on average and don’t need to recharge for about 3 days – with battery still left over.

The sound quality is great for my taste both music and phone conversation. My way of adjusting noise cancellation is by shoving the ear buds in and out of my ear. When fully inserted in my ear, it’s nearly impossible to hear anything else.

What I have noticed though is there some interference that occurs during music playback. At first I thought it was because my phone is in my pocket and the interference is caused by a line of sight issue with the bluetooth connection. I tried the playback with the phone on the table, but I still experience the interference. To somewhat describe it, it sounds like lowering the volume 3-5 levels then coming back up – but it happens in under a second. It happens frequent but not enough to where it’s bothersome. It is noticeable.

I really like the headset but I feel it’s not worth its regular price for the interference I’ve been experience. Other than that, it’s a great device. If you can get a good deal, I’d recommend getting one.

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