Printers need this feature

I ran out of the cyan cartridge on my Brother MFC-490CW printer. All I need is to print something in black and white. I thought there would be a feature that can disable the color. I don’t see it on the printer’s LCD. I set my print properties to print in grayscale – it won’t let me print. The printer just won’t print until I replace the color cartridge that is not going to be used.

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  1. I had the same printer for a few months, and only printed a few b&w docs and just 2 color prints. And now it wont allow me to print, same as your problem. I ordered some black cartridges, not knowing as now that that would not have cut it. I have now damaged the sensor system trying to override, and I have a worthless expense. This is not how a company with integrity should operate (Brother); and other companies do understand various needs of consumers, not forcing extra purchases on the unsuspecting buyer in order to salvage their original good will purchase. Someone should not have to buy color ink if they dont use it. I will buy Canon now, as I like their cameras and lenses, and I will never waste my money on a Brother product again. Thank you for informing the public.

    1. hi jim, majority of the printers out there have this nuisance. it’s unfortunate as a consumer but a clever scheme for manufacturers. i wouldn’t recommend Brother printers for photos though. i use mine mainly for printing documents. i also have given up using name brand cartridges. i have found several vendors on eBay that sell generic cartridges for very low prices. they seem to work as good as the originals. i do recommend Canon printers and cameras. i am still using my Canon i900D printer. it’s been with me for several years and it still works great. i am currently using the Canon Rebel XS – also a good camera.good luck on the next printer.

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