M350 and HTPC build round 2

If you checked out the last post about my HTPC adventure, I was using a Raidmax tower that uses a 300W PSU. It’s a nice little tower but the fan on the PSU was just too loud for my taste. So I kept looking and finally found a case that may have what I’m looking for. It’s the M350. I don’t even know who makes it but from the videos I’ve seen on Youtube and articles I’ve read online, it looks great. This case seems to be the smallest I’ve seen for an mini-ITX motherboard. I also had to get a picopsu. I chose to get a 90W picopsu and AC adapter. So far it’s been running great. The first test I did was with an Asus USB-N13 wireless adapter. It didn’t turn out too well setting up Windows Media Center with media from a NAS box. Connecting through the ethernet gigabit network improved the performance. Overall, I’m happy with the outcome. Here is a video I posted on Youtube and some pics I took. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rXagyQ-g6E]

M350 with MSI E350IS-E45

I wanted to show the size difference between the M350 case and an iPad2.

I wanted to show the size difference between the M350 case and an iPad2.

Picopsu 90W

I wanted to show the area where the USB front panel cable could get in the way of the picopsu cables. This is the case for my motherboard but it could be different in other motherboards where the PSU pins are located elsewhere (like above the CPU).

The picopsu isn’t sitting in there properly in this picture but I figured it out. On the video above I explained what I found.

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  1. What motherboard is that? It looks like a great board for a HTPC, something I’ve been looking for for a while.

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