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This past week has been a busy one. I finally decided to drop my reseller server and emailed all my friends (who I hosted for free) to find another host. I was planning on going with Dreamhost since they offered WebDav and both PHP 4 & 5 support. The only problem is that the past year or so they have more negative feedback than ever before. Most of them were related to reliability and email. So then I decided to stick with my current providerHost For Web. They have a $9.99/month plan but FTP access is slow. I tried a lower plan for 2 days but figured I’ll go with GoDaddy. Even though they don’t have WebDav support, I’ll be using They provide WebDav service for free. Why do I need WebDav? For iCal, of course – so that I can synchronize my calendar between multiple Macs. Google does have their calendar and it’s web based so that solves viewing updated data in multiple locations but it doesn’t synchronize the info onto my Nokia N80. iSync synchronizes contacts and calendar via bluetooth onto my cell phone.

Anyway, I’m with GoDaddy now which is why there were times that this site was down or parked. The DNS was propagating. On top of the lower price, I found some coupons online too. I’ll probably be moving the rest of my domains over this weekend and canceling the other account. On top of that, GoDaddy gives you free hosting with a domain purchase. Only thing is you get ads, which is fine for me since some of my domains are for developing and testing anyon3e – and you can choose between Linux or Windows.

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  1. Who did you end up going with to do ical sync? Im looking into php icalendar which looks pretty cool, but have problems syncing my ical to it… i think because godaddy doesnt support WebDav. What do you do to sync your ical?

  2. godaddy doesn’t support webdav. i tried having the google calendar as the “server” calendar where my G5 and MBP connect via iCal. problem is i need internet to update the google calendar. i can’t use my local iCal to update it since it’s subscribed so it’s read-only. i ended up deciding that my MBP will have the current iCal since it’s always with me. if you must have iCal synced to multiple computers, you can always use .Mac but $99 to me is just too much for what i needed it to do. also look at spanningsync. i tried the trial and it works good. it’s more affordable than .Mac. i may buy the app once they support address book coz that’s another app i need synced onto multiple macs.

  3. thats cool, have you heard of any good web hosting companies that support webdave. the php icalandar is a great program if you havnt tried it, you just upload it onto your website you can publish your calandar onto it. its what i am wanting to use but since godaddy doesnt support webdav i might have to switch hosting companies.

  4. i’ve searched around and the “best” that i’ve seen is dreamhost. i’m only hesitant to go with them because their customers are split right in the middle. half like them, the other half hate them. it seems they were great in the beginning but as they grew, their customer service and reliability have declined in quality. the other webdav supported hosting companies i’ve seen didn’t have enough feedback for me to read. you can also try it’s a free webdav service for files. but no hosting. i have an account with them but i wasn’t able to get more than 1 calendar synced to it.i’ve seen icalendar but never tried it. i had a .mac account back then so i never tried it. maybe i will now. thanks for the suggestion.

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