Django and MySQL problems

I’ve been checking out Python and Django and I’m impressed at what it can do. It’s efficient and has more things built-in compared to PHP and CodeIgniter. Unfortunately, I ran into some issues when installing the python-mysqldb. Without it, I can’t connect to MySQL – I could do sqlite3 fine though. I have existing projects running MySQL database so I’d like to stay with it.

I’ve spent a few days and I just can’t get it installed. I keep getting “No module named MySQLdb” errors and “ConfigParser.NoSectionError: No section: ‘metadata’” errors. I give up haha. I was hoping for a fast deployment of a development environment but ended up spending more time than I wanted to. It’s too bad since I was starting to like it – again it works fine with sqlite3 and I was enjoying it.

I guess I’m going to leave it alone for a while until more people get the error and share they’re solutions. I’ve searched online and was unable to find an answer. I’m going to check out Ruby on Rails again. There’s an interesting installer now at RailsInstaller.

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