Audio-Technica ATR3350 Lavalier Microphone

I’ve seen many Youtube videos that are great but the audio quality is poor. It takes away from making the video better. I admit I’ve done some videos with poor audio. I’m not saying I’m a professional at creating videos but I’d like to present them with more effort than usual.

So I’ve been trolling around Youtube for reviews on microphones and seeing what others have been using. I decided to get the Audio-Technica ATR3350.

It’s not too expensive so it was worth a try. I got it for under $20 so it’s not a huge investment if it doesn’t work as I expected. But based on the videos I’ve seen people use it with and reviews I’ve read, it looks like a good choice. So far I’ve used it on a couple of videos and the results have been great. The cord is long enough for how I use it. I just have to stock up on the battery. It should last long but I don’t want to be without one when I want to record something. It uses LR44 batteries and they are pretty inexpensive.

I have used it to record on my MacBook Pro and my Sony A65 DSLR. Both came out as expected. Here are some pics below. You should check it out if you find yourself in need of a microphone. They’re great for Youtube videos. It’s a small investment that will provide a higher quality sound in your videos.

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