Thanks everyone for following my journey in being a licensed pharmacist here in CA.It is a great pleasure to have this blog wherein everybody shares their personal experience about the different tests. I have learned a lot by reading from the experiences of our fellow kabayans from my previous posts.

And now I am ready to share my personal experience with NAPLEX…

FIrst off as I mentioned before the study time will really depend from person to person. Some needed more time while others are better with cramming. My suggestion is that you set your study frame to 3 months, 4 months the most. As for me, I started in April and since I am at my own pace, I would study on and off 4-8 hours a day. That is one thing I had difficulty with, we set the date we want to take the test. Compared to FPGEE before, not sure how it is now, there is a set date for the exam so you have no choice but finish what you have to know before the test date. So if you are like me, I think the best first thing to do is your exam date. From there, make your study strategy, how many hours and what topics per day. The longer you take studying and the more you procrastinate the more chances that you have to keep going back to review what you have read and since you did it a long time ago the more likely you’ll forget it. Another thing that I had difficulty with is, most of my friends who took it keeps saying it is easy. So my mind set is very lax and that scares me since I was not as motivated as the FPGEE which is a lot harder.

Next off is study material:

APHA– this is the first material that I used, I had to read it several times since it is so detailed it was hard to know which ones might be asked. I read in one forum that the first seven chapter is not important. Last minute before my test, I focused on this chapter and true enough no single question was asked. I should have focused more on math problems.

Prontopass– it is quite pricey but worth it. I still feel though that you would need other materials like APHA for some additional info.

KAPLAN– it is a good supplement and last minute guide

Appleton and Lange– I did not even finish the whole book. I focused on the profile questions and the first chapter questions. The kinetics and compounding part are hard and didn’t have much time so I skipped it. It was good that they didn’t ask any question from those topics.

Prontopass Math– this is enough to get you through the math problems. In my case even the statistics part was covered with this material.

Stoklosa and Shroff Math– I used both and the Protopass math but with just the Prontopass you will be able to answer the NAPLEX math problems.

Pre-Naplex– I think this more or less gives you an idea on how ready you are. I suggest you take it a month before so you can focus on what you may feel your weaknesses are. From my readings, it is accurate in giving the approximation of your score. I got an 85 from Pre-naplex and the range it gave me is 67-104. I got 97 in the test, surprisingly 🙂

All of us face different challenges each day, one reason that it took me long to take this test is I kept getting sick. It maybe from stress or who knows but with all those trips to the clinics and ER specially after setting the exam date the more I get sick. Thanks to my husband who keeps encouraging me and my family who always prays and look after me, I did take the test on date I set it to. After taking the test, since I wasn’t confident enough I was praying so hard to get 75, usually I would set my bar high but not for this one. I kept praying that I would be happy as long as I passed. God is very good he answered my prayers and gave me more than what I prayed for. I feel that the test was not that hard cause unlike FPGEE that mostly I had to eliminate choices, the questions in NAPLEX is somewhat there in the materials that I used but I may have forgotten it but remembered having read it. The questions I got are mostly profile, maybe more than 15 and its mostly an application of what I read. There are some direct brand generic question but mostly application on which on the medicines given by the Dr. is not appropriate, which is good alternative for the patients case, what is causing a drug reaction, stuff like that. You really have to do math last, this is the best advised I can give. I did math 3 weeks before and did not listen to advise of people from the forum I go to. A day before the test, I browsed math again and I already forgot some of the formulas, the bad thing is it is hard to comprehend what you have learned when your mind is already drained and stressed out. SO, DO MATH LAST AND REST the DAY BEFORE your TEST.

I hope this will be of help to those taking the test in the future. As they say the odds of passing is high, 93% of the test takers pass the test so this is a high chance to get your license. I have to keep saying though thattogether with hard work, keep on praying that God will guide you in your study and on the day of your test and God will do miracles for you.

Now I hope people who have experience with CPJE will also guide me in my next journey. Best of luck to all of us. God bless us all !!!

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  1. Hi! First of all congratulations! I found your blog and I have to say that I admire you and You gave me a hope in such a grey and down day which I have today. I don’t have anybody with who I could talk about that pharmacy exams and I am planning to take some in a few months. I’m sorry to bother you but I will be happy if you can contact me on my e-mail and than I will explain you everything about my situation and maybe if u have time you will be able to answer some of my questions. I’m gonna read your blog because you already gave great advice and informations here.I will be happy if you can contact with me on my e-mail. I’m sending greetings and congratulations again! Marty

  2. Congratulations, Ms. Abby!!! You’re such an inspiration! I just took the FPGEE last September 30, and the results are coming out on Friday, November 12. I’ve already taken and passed the TOEFL. So, if I pass the FPGEE, the next thing to do is internship and then NAPLEX, then CPJE. Please continue blogging about your experiences. I’m now following your footsteps! God bless you. Take care! 🙂

  3. Thanks, I wish you also pass your FPGEE. As for me I just got the news last Monday I passed my CPJE. I will be sharing my experience later on another blog. Hope you share your experience with FPGEE and TOEFL too. Best of Luck!

  4. Thank you, Ms. Abby!!! I’ve passed the FPGEE! Yay!!! How long did it take before you got your FPGEC certificate in the mail?Here are my experiences with FPGEE and TOEFL iBT:In the FPGEE, I found the questions very random. They weren’t very difficult, but they weren’t very easy either. I made a lot of guesses. I think that was because I wasn’t able to finish Shargel’s book. I’ve only read the first 12 chapters and randomly read 12-15 others because of lack of time and motivation. That’s why I couldn’t believe that I got a score of 110! Prayers are really powerful.As preparation for the TOEFL iBT, I read the Kaplan book and answered the practice tests in the CD. In the actual test, I found the Listening and Writing sections as the easiest ones, and the Reading section the hardest. The Speaking section was actually easy and simple. However, I didn’t finish the first task because I was still speaking when the time ran up. Luckily, in the end, I got a score of 27 in Speaking and 111 overall. I think the raters primarily grade your ability to speak clearly. The content of what you’re saying only comes secondarily.

    1. Congrats 🙂 It was way back 3 yrs ago but if I can remember it right it was less than 2 weeks. Good luck in your internship .

  5. hi there,Nice blog! and thanks for sharing. my name is trush and i am a FPGEE certificate the way do you have any idea or advise for foreign pharmacist to find internship with H-1 visa or TN visa sponsorship? i can work anywhere in USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks………

    1. Thanks for visiting our site. You can always try to apply online but from what my colleagues has been telling me, most companies now are limiting the sponsorship and even accepting foreign grad since they are expecting a substantial quantity of pharma grad from USA. These are just stories from friends based from what they heard from their companies. But you can also check if you would want to in where there is a forum/thread for foreign grads looking for internship.

  6. Hi Abby,I really like your blog, it is so inspiring reading all your concerns and advices to your co foreign pharmacy graduates. With you sharing your experience motivates me to study harder to reach my goal. I am working as an intern pharmacist right now in CVS in eastbay area. I just recently quit my full time job in an inpatient hospital practice as a since there is no job offer for an intern pharmacist. I chose to work full time at CVS thinking that the pay as an intern pharmacist would at least compensate my pay at the hospital. Unfortunately my district supervisor put me on a 5th year student intern pay that CVS only pays $19.50 which is only $1.50 extra from my pay as a technician before CVS took over Longs Drugs. The discrict supervisor kept telling me that nobody hires grad intern now a days. Do you really think that this is true? It’s been a month now since I submitted some job applications and I don’t mind moving to other areas where I will be hired and get paid not just a tech’s pay but a graduate intern pay. Please let me know if you know any companies that hires interns since I had both hospital and retail experience. Congratulations too for passing the exams!

    1. Unfortunately what your supervisor says is true. It was different 3-4 yrs ago, those who took the test with me in 2006 started working in 2007 and yes they were telling me in Walgreens they limited the grad intern pharmacist since 2yrs ago, I think they are expecting more local graduates to fill in the position. It was hard to find internship for me too thats why I ended up having to volunteer(no pay) but I think my boss was happy with my work so he put me on salary after a few months and it was less than what you are being offered in CVS. I didn’t mind since that was better than nothing. Well it is not much different right now that I am looking for a pharmacist job, it has been four months now and I haven’t found a job yet. IMO though it will be easier for you since you have more experience working in retail and hospital setting. Maybe right now I would suggest just to finish your internship and the sooner you do the faster you will be able to take NAPLEX and it will be more opportunities for you once you become a pharmacist.Best of luck, thanks for that info and sharing your stories. Keep us posted.

      1. Thanks Abby! I just finished my 1500 hours of my internship and submitted my application to the board of pharmacy here in California. Right now I using my passnaplex reviewers, APHA, CPR and Pronto Pass. How long do you think it will take before I hear from the board about my application? I am so anxious right now that I don’t know if I will ever be ready for Naplex. I am so inspire by your blog that makes me really wanting to finish this journey of my career.

        1. Hi Tobster, I know it doesn’t take that long for them to take your application. Just go ahead and focus in your studies so you can start right away. Thanks for sharing your story, wish you the best for your NAPLEX.

  7. Heyy! I think you have an amzaing blog going on and you really helping people out there,i had actually written on your blog before i applied for fpgee and you were very encouraging,today im almost 4 months away from completing my internship hours,i was trying to look for what books to use for naplex and looked up your blog,and you had the solution! i hope the job search is going good, you said you studied four 4-8 hours for 4 months isnt that hard considering you work also? good look on all your ventures 🙂

    1. Hi Sakina! Thanks for keeping us posted. I stopped working after finishing my internship hours and just focused on the test. I hope my suggestions will be of help. Best of luck to you too 🙂

  8. Hi Abby,I have started studying for my naplex from Apha. I had a quick question regarding chapter two (Federal Pharmacy Law). It doesnt have alot of information in it and all it said in the book is to go online to check it out. You mentioned that the first seven chapters aren’t important. I am kind of confused because this chapter is for the MPJE.Thanks alot

  9. I just finished my NAPLEX today, Friday June 8th in NY. When do you guys think ther results will come out?

  10. Hello,Got your email from one of the forums for Pharmacy career in US.I am a B.Pharmacy 2010 & M.Pharmacy 2013 passed out from JNTU,Hyd,India, currently living in Florida,USA. I wanted to apply for a pharmacist license in the state and was redirected to NABP.I have seen/read in NABP website that it costs $1200 (includes $450 for evaluation of documentation and $750 for FPGEE exam).My major in is “Pharmaceutical Chemistry”Do you know anyone who got their credentials evaluated by ECE? If yes, what is the result? Wanted to check and see what career options we have for M.pharm graduates living in FL? Is it really worth to spend $1200 just to find out if I’m eligible to apply for a pharmacist license?Is there a forum for all NABP certified professionals so I can ask few questions?What are the other positions/designations/jobs available for Pharmacy graduates outside of US.Looking for your valuable advise, will post more questions as I know.Thanks, Lucy

  11. Hi Abby congrats on ur great achievement.I am foreign graduate living in US.I got my evaluation from ece and now I plan to give toefl IBT In June from florida and then apply for Fpgee as I want to give my Fpgee next year april.Is it ok to take the toefl first and submit the scores and apply for fpgee later in july or should I apply for fpgee first?

  12. Hi Abby! I’m about to be finished with my 1500 hours of internship. Naplex is gonna be my next step. I was just wondering how hard was it to find a job as a licensed pharmacist? And as a foreign grad, did you feel less confident when you started working as pharmacist? It’s just such a different practice from the Philippines as compared here

  13. Hi Abby! I’m about to be finished with my 1500 hours of internship. Naplex is gonna be my next step. I was just wondering how hard was it to find a job as a licensed pharmacist? And as a foreign grad, did you feel less confident when you started working as pharmacist? It’s just such a different practice from the Philippines as compared here

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