Thoughts on 2007 Acura RDX

Last week I left my TL at the dealer to do some recall work. They lent me a 2007 Acura RDX. I’ve been curious about this vehicle ever since they announced the model but never got a chance to go to the dealer and check it out. I had my opportunity for a few hours.

This was the first time I ever drove a turbo-charged vehicle. It feels weird. I accelerate but for the first second or so it seems the vehicle isn’t responding. But as soon as the gauge goes up, then it accelerates. I guess that’s what that turbo lag I hear people talk about. It’s pretty fast considering it’s only a 4-cylinder engine.

The car can sit 5 people comfortably. The trunk is pretty big as well. It has a nice interior with a more updated version of the navigation system than my TL. It has XM radio, a disc player that can read CD, DVD-A, MP3, and WMA. There is an auxiliary out that is accessible. Unlike my TL, the screen on the RDX isn’t touch screen. To navigate, you must use a dial-like knob in the middle of the console. It took a couple of tries to figure it out but was able to use it. As you drive, there is an audio feedback whenever a menu is selected on the screen. This comes handy to keep your eye on the road rather than messing with the menus on the screen.

The paddle shifters are pretty cool. They can be used while on “Drive” but it shifts back to automatic if you don’t use it “properly”. You can override this by shifting to “Standard”.

I didn’t notice an option for memory seats. I’m not sure if this model came with it. The hood doesn’t have hydraulics so you must lift the hood and use the stand to hold it up. I forgot how hoods are heavy. I guess I’ve been spoiled with my TL which has the hydraulics on the hood that hold it up. Another thing I didn’t like is the poor gas mileage. For a 4-cylinder car, we averaged 17 mpg for few hours. I’m not sure if it has been broken in but it has over 19,000 miles. My TL at that age was getting over 24 mpg and it’s a V6.

Final thoughts: It’s a nice vehicle, feels like a car to drive. The interior is great. I’m not too sure on the mpg performance and the price tag at around $36k with navi. I’m not sure I would be getting one any time soon. There are other vehicles in the same class that would be more cost effective. I took some pics.

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