Our first Anniversary

It’s our first wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s already been a year yesterday. We went to Redondo Beach with my cousins and had some seafood. It’s my first time there and the food was good. There’s also an arcade there. They had a couple of old games that I used to play like the Street Figther II series and Killer Instinct. I played a couple of KI games. Wow! How rusty was I! Of course I used Sabrewolf. I couldn’t remember any combos and moves. Bet those peeps I slayed back in RCC days can beat me now. They also had carnival games like “try to shoot a basketball through a rim that looks regular size but it isn’t” game. It’s $1 per shot and 6 wins = a big prize. My cousins went for it and won the big prizes. I felt rusty and didn’t wanna try but Abby wanted me to do it. I won the big prize – a stuffed cow.

redondo beach

While walking around there was a kid doing some yoyo tricks. He was pretty good. I took a video with my digital camera. Check it out on our photo gallery.

To end the day I took Abby to Miguel’s Jr – one of my favorite mexican restaurants. She also tried the horchata and loved it. Check out more of our Redondo Beach pics here.

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