So much work for getting baptized?

We are planning on baptizing Aedyn in a few weeks. I was so excited to have him baptized at my old Catholic school, St. Catherine’s. I also had a list of people who I want to be godparents. We attended an introduction class at St. Catherine’s last Sunday so we can prepare for the event.

Wow! So many requirements to be a godparent! Here are some that I remember:

  • You must be a Catholic
  • You must be active in your parish, at least attending mass
  • If married, they must prove they were married in a church
  • If single, you must provide proof that you have been baptized, taken first communion, and confirmation
  • If single, you must be practicing celibacy

Well, all of my godparents failed and cannot be godparents. On top of those requirements, they have to attend two 3 hour seminars. I told them that many have a busy schedule and some live in another country. I was given two options: have them attend the seminar in their own parish or do a better job picking better godparents. On top of that, the next baptism day is in April, long after Abby’s mom leaves.

I was saddened by this since I know I won’t be having Aedyn baptized there. I started calling other parishes in my area. In order to have him baptized at another parish, I need to get permission from the parish close to my house. Another road block. It’s really ridiculous and discouraging. I kept looking and finally found another church nearby that has rules but isn’t as strict as the others.

We had to take a class but at least it was only 30 minutes. On top of that they do baptisms every Saturdays. We are planning for February 28. So in the end, none of the godparents I chose is qualified. My Mom ended up being Aedyn’s Godmother. My brother, pending his confirmation documents, will be the Godfather. If we cannot provide the documents before the 28th, then he will be a witness. Regardless of what they say, my initial godparents will still attend and hold the candles and be considered Aedyn’s godparents.

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