Shake, rattle and earthquake

Yesterday morning we had an earthquake. It was measured around 5.6. I was at work when it happened. At first I ignored it. I’m used to earthquakes since I lived in California for quite some time. But after 10 seconds we were still shaking. I got a little nervous and asked my co-worker “should we duck and cover” and we both laughed. We were on the second floor of the building so we may have felt it harder than the ground floor. After it stopped, I can still feel the build shake a little bit. I also got a little dizzy. We didn’t know what to do then. Should we go outside and wait for an all clear message? It’s funny how we have fire drills at work but never an earthquake drill. We went outside and saw others gathering in the parking lot. We then decided it was time for lunch.

Abby was home when the earthquake happened. I called her right away. It took a couple of times, I kept getting a called failed on my phone. After the exciting morning ended, everything was back to normal and I’m glad no one was injured.

There were a couple of data centers affected by it. I had to call Godaddy last night to cancel some stuff. I was directed to their website to cancel it on my end so that they can issue a refund. The site was awfully slow. I also noticed a message regarding the Irvine servers for Blizzard when I logged in to World of Warcraft.

Here’s more info on the earthquake –

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