New upgrades for my Asus EEEPC 900A

After a few days with my netbook, I’ve decided to buy some upgrades to better my experience with it.

  • Upgrade the 4GB SSD drive to 16GB ([Super Talent FPM16GHAE])( I could’ve bought a Runcorebut size was more of a concern than the speed. So far it’s been fine. I actually found someone on eBay selling the Super Talent for a lower price than Newegg and free shipping.
  • Upgrade the 1GB ram to 2GB (Kingston 2GB 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 667)
  • Buy a 16GB SDHC card (A-DATA 16GB Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC))
  • A case (Case Logic HDC3) Good price at Best Buy if you can find it. Both netbook and plug fits very well with some room for other things.

Here’s the video I posted on YouTube on installing the ram. [youtube]

I didn’t bother posting another video for installing the new SSD drive because it’s fairly the same procedure as the ram upgrade.

Here’s the video where I got the idea to use the Case Logic HDC3 case. [youtube]

Cost for all the upgrades were around $100. With the price of my netbook, it still cost less than the average startup price for a netbook.

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  1. Just found your website searching for info on the 900A. Nice work on the upgrades. I’m considering this laptop as well since my local BestBuy is closing out the 4GB version for $179.

  2. Thanks for the tips I got mine on saved $10 ($179 price refirb) with thier coupon. I’m going with the 32gb drive and you choice of the kingston memory.

  3. @Carlito: ya they’re a good price and even with the cost of upgrades, you’re still looking at under $300@Gary: good luck. let me know how the upgrades went

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